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Sunday, January 13, 2008
It's good to be back...

xiu xiu - women as lovers
Beautiful urgent glitchy tunes, careening between harmonies and shouts. Xiu Xiu is getting better and better with each release.

Burial - Untrue

"Burial's beats swing wildly, as though flitting between two tempos in the space of a single bar; jittery hi-hat patterns flash like knives being sharpened, and tooth-cracking rimshots invariably fall on the third beat, dividing time in odd ways. His beats seem to rush, trying to catch up with their own out-of-control forward motion, and then-- crack!-- having caught up, they simply hang there, as though unsure what to do with the remaining time left in the measure. It's a relay race marked not by starter's pistols, but stopper's pistols, leaving an impression at once rigid and woozy."

/Mass Movement of the moth - outerspace

Mass Movement of the Moth - Finally EP
"punked out and sinister guitars licks, grooving trancelike and in-his-own-funky-little-world bass lines, buzzing sci-fi synths belonging in outer space, frantic punk drumming that dare to bend the rhythms into mesmerizing grooves, and megalomaniacal shifts into changes that transcend genres."
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Haikus about Cortez

I Wrote Haikus About Cannibalism In Your Yearbook
Well, to be honest, whatever visuals come to mind when you hear this band's name will probably be awful similar to their sound.

Sea of Cortez - age of anxiety
Emo screamo post-hardcore
posted by dorian grau @ 7:24 PM   1 comments


includes racooooon, mika miko, barr


includes 90's screamo Mid Carson July, Jazz Man's Needle
posted by dorian grau @ 7:19 PM   1 comments
Monday, August 27, 2007
immerse yourself

Beirut - The Flying Club Cup
The Flying Club Cup is an homage to France’s culture, fashion, history and music. In fact, each song intends to evoke a different French city. Yes, two years ago, Condon was immersing himself in Balkan folk, absorbing the newly discovered sounds, scales and styles. Two years ago. That’s an even longer time when you are 21 years old. He absorbed what he heard – the sonic joys of a skeletally structured, cacophonic ensemble – and moved west. Soaking up the likes of Francois Hardy, Charles Aznavour and, most notably, Jacques Brel

Indian Jewelry - Invasive Exotics
pick this album up, enjoy it with your drug of choice, and go see them when they come to your town.

Jana hunter - Blank Unstaring Heirs of Doom
Professional links notwithstanding, it would be a shame to write Hunter off as a mere Banhart disciple or freak-folk footnote, as her captivating debut reveals a new, quietly radiant voice with its own strange, feverish luster.

jandek - chair beside a window
combining just the right sense of depression, mysteriousness, and spirituality that makes Jandek's work in this time so intriguing.
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Friday, August 17, 2007

The USA is a Monster - "Tasheyana Compost"

two-piece guitar and drums band from Brooklyn, NY
posted by dorian grau @ 10:20 PM   1 comments
Absolutely phenomenal record and band.
Check it out.

Aa - "gAame"

"unique blend of intensely stylized DIY maximalism; the experience is an utterly unique and giddily engaging gasp of fresh air, a densely imagined, obsessively structured, hyperactive shoplifting spree through the polyrhythmic post-post-punk digital jungle-mall. Earth-shakingly organic beats,squawking, alien samples and group chant-hooks crash headfirst into blissed-out electronic rave-ups. "
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Thursday, August 16, 2007

OOIOO - Taiga

OOIOO - Gold and Green

OOIOO - Kila Kila Kila

sampling of the japanese avant garde noise band OH OH EYE OH OH
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